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Please read the submission guideline below before starting Listing Website / Listing Directory . Failure to comply with the terms will usuallymean that your site is not considered for inclusion/listing in the directory and you may need to resubmit your site for evaluation at a later date.All submissions will be reviewed manually. We reserve the right to edityour submission's title, description and choose the appropriatecategory and may re-arrange the listing order at our discretion.

Directory Listing Guideline:

Unacceptable Sites, Content & few reasons why submissions are not approved:

No adult sites or adult related content.

Site made for adsence or other ad services.

No sites broken links.

No illegal sites containing copyright destruction, violence, fraud, child pornography, racism, vulgarity or warez.

Do not submit subfolder - use the top-level domain or maximum sub domain.

A site submitted to an inappropriate category shall not be added.

The title should be at least 100 char in length.

Only submit your homepage - do not submit sub-folders.

Inappropriate CAPITALIZATI0N of words.

Unpaid submission remains on directory for six months .

Including product pricing and special offers. These are subject to change and are therefore not accepted.

Repeated & excessive use of exclamation marks!

In Description area Including owner name, email address, phone number, keyword or company address.

Submissions via email are not accepted.

Duplicate site submission in various category.

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* 5 Deep Links (Optional)
* Maximum Exposure
* Guaranteed 24-48 hours review
* Your site will be listed above regular listings
* Lifetime/Permanent inclusion (0ne-time Fee)

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* Guaranteed 24-48 hours review
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